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NV Blankets
where versatility meets adventure, and comfort

The Ultimate Companion

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Our Story

We were looking for a better multifunctional blanket that matched our life style. We live in the amazing state of Utah, where adventure abounds from the Rocky Mountains to beautiful lakes and countless sporting events! As we began our quest for the perfect multi-purpose blanket — one that was not just cozy, but also waterproof, lightweight, and incredibly durable — NV Blankets emerged as the ultimate companion for those who craved adventure and comfort.


Innovation and Endless Potential

Outstanding Quality

NV Blankets has unfolded as a testament to the power of innovation and the endless potential of an everyday items. With every adventure and new discovery, the NV Blanket was not just a product; it became a symbol of adaptability and limitless comfort.


So, when you wrap yourself in an NV Blanket, remember that you’re not just enjoying warmth and coziness; you’re embracing a story of endless utility and unending possibilities.

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