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We were looking for a better multifunctional blanket that matched our life style. We live in the amazing state of Utah, where adventure abounds from the Rocky Mountains to beautiful lakes and countless sporting events! As we began our quest for the perfect multi-purpose blanket — one that was not just cozy, but also waterproof, lightweight, and incredibly durable — NV Blankets emerged as the ultimate companion for those who craved adventure and comfort.


NV Blankets isn’t just about keeping you warm on a chilly night; it is about adaptability, resilience, and boundless possibilities. From impromptu picnics on rainy days to cozy evenings by the campfire, and even spontaneous beach adventures, NV Blankets became our go to solution. Our NV Blanket is now a staple in our everyday life.


Wrap yourself in an NV Blanket and remember that you are not just enjoying warmth and coziness: you’re embracing a story of endless utility and unending possibilities. NV Blankets — where versatility meets adventure, and comfort — knows no bounds.


We hope you have many fun adventures together.

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Get to know us

At NV Blankets, we’re proud of our great products and exceptional customer service. We employ an amazing group of professionals who are passionate about what they do and are always ready to help out. Get to know the people who make the difference below.




We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful Owner as part of our team. When Catherine Stimpson joined us, we knew we made a terrific decision, and their talent and dedication have proven themselves time and time again.


Debbie Rust


This team member brings their delightful personality and professional experience with them every day they come into work. It’s hard to imagine where we’d be without our trusted Owner.

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Juston LeBaron

Director, Sales and Marketing

Juston LeBaron is an invaluable member of our staff, Juston is admired for his natural talent for problem-solving, creative thinking and commitment to our brand..

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